Monday, January 30, 2012

The Valentine's Grinch

Many have been questioning where my stance lies on the upcoming commercialized day in February. Like the Grinch who decided to hate Christmas, last year I decided to join his team of holiday sue me. Let's get one thing straight, some little Who girl with a funny nose did not sing my little heart unfrozen. What is this day of hearts? Lets examine shall we?

The history of Valentine's Day
Soooo basically nobody is really sure how this whole shebang started! It is alleged, thought, rumored that it had to do with a man named Saint Valentine. He may or may not have protested by marrying couples  against a new law requiring young men to be soldiers and not marry. Or he was possibly jailed for helping tortured Christians and feel in love with the jailer's daughter who he wooed with letters. Therefore Valentine's Day is thought to commemorate his death, they think.
There are some other stories tossed around involving Romans, Pagan festivals, birds mating, fertility, in point for the opposition nobody knows where this thing came from!
Somewhere along the way the added cupid, roses, lingerie, cards, teddy bears, candlelight and a high dose of sap!

The Modern Valentine's Day 
So upon this day couples are meant to purchase something red, fluffy, sweet, expensive etc. Strangely enough it says 85% of all valentines are bought by only 15% is by men........word!

Ok but what does the day mean?........
It means that retailers needed some way to boost sales after Christmas. Nobody has money after Christmas has dented your pockets. That sounds about right, I'm sure some old shop keeper in 1855 came across the assorted stories of St Valentine and decided to start peddling cards and flowers.

But seriously what does the day mean?...
Apparently it means that you have right to tell your other half to be romantic....OMG you got me flowers!!!!

And now I'm going to find the most vomit worthy status to place on FB about my over bubbling love, accompanied by the most commercial love songs I can find in a youtube search for love songs! Oh don't forget the couple's pictures *falls on floor from choking on disgust*

Remember that part of the Grinch movie where he actually enjoyed the little Christmas festival? Ok here's my turn.
Everything is on special, hey why pass up on the sale!
Dinner discounts, hey if the meals are cheaper eat up people, discounts are hard to come by nowadays!
If you are in love, then spending time with your special one while bathed in red lights and sexy music aint gonna hamper your relationship. Get your groove on aint nothing wrong with a little date.

I think I'm finished with pros teacher.......*puts down hand*

Closing Argument 
In closing your honor, romance should never be cornered into one day. If you only look forward to Valentine's Day to receive attention and gifts then please put down the rose and rethink life. It would be nice to randomly receive a bouquet on a day outside your birthday, anniversary or Valentines. Chocolates are sold year round buy me one on August 8th cuz you heard me say that I'm craving something sweet. I'm just saying here that if you are using Valentine's as a check list item in your requirements to pass for the year then you failed. Valentine's Day should be the garnish you add to a well decorated dish to give it extra flare. Will I do something on said day? Well your honor if a good event/activity comes up with a once a year price, I will consider it based on the fact that I cant pass up a good deal, the company doesn't hurt either. If i don't then.........meh who cares I get chocolates on August 8th. *shameless plug*

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dead Dad's Club

I will always remember watching this scene from Grey's Anatomy, it just struck me when she said, 'Welcome to the Dead Dad's Club'. To others it might sound kind of crass, someone died and you said welcome to the club, say what?
The other day I was in the presence of someone who lost their father. The woman was overwhelmed with all the calls and funeral plans. Another woman in the room said to her 'this will pass, we have all been through this. '  She started pointing us all out, members of the dead dad's club.
Being part of this club means you know what it means to go through the world a little more exposed a little less secure. There is just something about a father that makes you feel protected. And there is no other man in the world that can replace this lost feeling.
I used to get into fights with boyfriends and no matter what sometime afterward I would almost automatically think, if he were only here this would not happen. Irrational i know but the little girl in me always retreated to the place where a man with strong arms would lift me up and put me to bed after falling asleep from crying.
Being part of the dead dad's club means that you have already subscribed to the fact that he will not be there to walk you down the aisle. You have already wondered how you will make that walk without him.
It means that every time that blasted Luther Vandross song plays a lump grows in your throat. People in this club know to switch the chairs around the table so you don't remember someone is missing. It means that at some point when looking through photos from events in your life from graduations and so forth the man that anchors you and protects your side watches on from afar.
You believe this notion that a powerful guardian angel now whispers in the ears of God pleading for your protection.
I guess this post is simply for the purpose of saying if you are not in the club be thankful for the time you stay out of it. And to those who are in it, keep your head up.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dear Religion......

So last year, although a really good year for me, it was a funny year when it came to religion/spirituality... you know that sort of stuff. I've always had a sort of peace knowing that God/Jesus is somewhere up there and that He knew me and heard my late night mutterings, and on our own terms we had a friendship. I always acknowledged the fact to say thank you and the notion to ask for help when times were rough. Last year for some reason for voices of religious opinion, interpretation and reasoning were extremely loud, nagging and depressing. I kind of felt like i was being told how to be, think and live and if i was outside that box....well my poor soul. In fact at one point i felt that i was not up to scratch. I guess i lost my footing and i let those voices confuse and get to me, making me forget the things I believe and almost just give up. Now this is MY opinion, some may say to each their own, some may pray for my soul (thanks I always appreciate prayers) and some may agree.

Firstly i dont agree or believe in religion it causes more separation than unity. And in religion i also group denominations and anything else that makes people who allegedly believe in the same thing feel divided. With that said although i go to church regularly i don't identify myself in terms of the name on the gate of a building.

I believe that the bible is a good guide book to life. However i think it is highly misinterpreted, tampered with and misused. From what i've grown up seeing the bible is used as a tool of convenience to instruct and control. My biggest problem is that it is used as the only way. You can't tell me that God is all a powerful being and then say that everything he intends for me is captured/explained in 1000 pages, don't sound logical. God is in our essence. The bible is used to justify everything. Oh there's a war- end of days, financial collapse- end of days, hole in the ozone-end of days.......umm how about you start taking care of the earth we were given and stop saying its ending so it doesn't matter....that's crap...its falling apart cuz we don't care. There are many issues outside of the bible/religion that we need to pay attention to instead of making the church a bubble that many people live in. Why were we placed on the earth? *sorry side note*
Remember the movie 'Book of Eli'? Remember how that bad guy was in search of the bible so he could use it to control people? That made so much sense, for in a way that is how it has been used.  I think that people are truly like sheep we need guidance and someone to tell us what to do, where to go, how to act etc. Even if you don't believe in anything there is a prescribed way to atheism. I think we are born with an innate sense to believe in something and to follow. What you believe in and prescribe to depends on what part of the world you grew up in, your race, and your mindset.
I am told we are all sinners, we all make mistakes etc. But it bothers me that some claim to be better than others because they are more 'holy', if sin is sin is sin then what makes you different?

I believe in love, and since God is love then its all the same. Im convinced that if everyone loved each other more friend, foe or stranger the earth would be a better place. If we loved and respected each other there would be no reason to steal, to kill, to abuse or molest. There would be no greed, war or racism.
I am no where near perfect (last i heard no 1 is), some frown at me and give me side eyes and some appreciate me and the light i bring to being around them. I believe, i pray and i have faith. I don't hide who I am or what i do. I don't or can't tell people who is burning in hell and who is going heaven's way. I don't think we have the right to condemn because we are not all knowing. I don't think we should think or talk for God. I think that people should be real and stop hiding behind religion.
I don't know if i'm right or wrong who really know, because everyone thinks they are right. Everyone thinks their way is the right and only way..... *side note* why do we take pleasure in thinking we are right and the people on that side of the world are wrong -nah nah boo boo, ur going down. I think we are all different for a reason.

Ok I've said a lot .....just love, respect and give thanks.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012

Happy New year to my readers and friends!
After reflecting on my post 365 days ago and the mindset i planned to have i would like to say, mission accomplished! Green Pastures-check, Blue skies-check, unmeasurable hope-check, check. I think 2011 turned out pretty well for me, and I feel like my faith in the things unseen and hope in the things asked for is what brought me through. And that led to my pretty awesome year.
Dear 2012, there doesn't seem to be a lot of optimism about you. But i don't rest my hope on predictions and statistics. Life is what you make it and i intend to make it awesome. My mantra for this year is to 'Let it Be' i focus too much on trying to figure things out. I try to control things that are completely out of my hands and i try to push for things that are not ready to I'm going to Let it be!
No resolutions really in terms of getting things done things come up, opportunities present themselves and I just need to take them and ride it out.

Once again
Peace & Blessings from the Moondancer
Happy New Year :)