Tuesday, February 15, 2011


While updating myself on my daily black celebrity gossip *shameful admission* I came across an article about a young woman who died because of a botched silicone implant operation on her backside. I posted it to facebook which sparked a range of comments which ended -quite surprisingly - into loving one's self and a few of my friends proceeded to mention what they loved about themselves. I wont pretend that when these topics come up I have to think for a good minute on what exactly I physically love. There are things over the years that i have come to greatly appreciate and love mainly because others have pointed it out over and over again. So ok ok yes I have a killer smile and im digging it. You know the kinda smile that's warm and friendly. The type that people sing about with sunbathed videos.
I no longer felt alone about the self doubt the day I watched Janet Jackson's interview on ABC like last year I believe. I sat aghast as this superstar who has been on countless billboards, posters, magazine covers etc could say that she is not that self confident. This woman whose body and face women envy could only list the small of her back as something she liked about herself. But at 40 something it was getting better....Ok so im 20 years younger so I'm in good shape.
I used to secretly hope every night that I would wake up with bigger breasts. I mean they starting growing with everyone else but stopped quite shortly after...hello down there 1 more cup please!!
Funny story i shared with a roommate once that i got fed up of being an A cup and proceeded to wear a B cup luckily for me they got the message and followed suit. She laughed because she did the same! *note well this doesnt work using pants! booo!!*
After awhile I started to kinda really like the A's cuz i could wear some pretty daring tops without a bra! Yes I realised I had a 1 up on the big booby girls.
Point of it all is to slowly figure things out and like em. And more importantly to admit that we all at some point put up a facade that hides what we really feel.
In conclusion Im not half bad!! I disappeared for a bit but imma soldier :)

Monday, February 14, 2011


The other day a friend of mine was talking about the jersey for the Manchester United team. He told me that on the inside of the jersey behind the crest was marked the word 'believe'. For some reason i sat and pondered the power of the word 'believe'. Think of it believe is one of the strongest words in a language. People are driven by belief everyone believes in something even if its nothing. Cult members believe that their leader is a god and they believe whatever he/she says even if it means dying. Stalkers believe that the person they stalk is in love with them and that they should be together. All religions are based on the belief and this belief influences actions at times actions that can be very extreme. People believe rumors so they pass them on, because they believe its true. Belief can result in obsession but it started as a belief. People enter contests with the belief that they will win, even when the odds are against them this belief repels them forward.
We all believe in something, its impossible to not believe in anything. The fact that you dont believe in anything shows that you put strong thought into thinking that nothing exists.  Stop for a moment and think of what you believe. And if you think you cant do something remember the word 'believe'