Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is this love

Thanks Amina for sending me this!
I simply love Corinne Bailey Rae. Her sultry sweet voice caught me from album 1. Favorite song to date 'Like a star'. A true depiction of love sans the gooshy my heart sings bs!
If you can sing a Bob Marley song and give it a twist without being compared to the original you deserve props!

Is this love, is this love , is this love that im feeling.....isnt that the hardest emotion to completely define and the scariest to admit *sigh*

Enjoy! Corrinne Bailey Rae - Is this love

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lean on Me

The other day i heard the classic 'everyone knows this' song 'Lean on me'. I have heard this song millions of times sung in different forms and from different age groups. It was the other day that i began to appreciate the song. Its about friendship and its only when you have to lean on someone that you actually get the point. It was only about 6 years ago that i started to understand the concept of the true meaning of the word 'friend.' An incident brought this clarity to me, long and short of it a friend of ours was publically behaving badly. After said event we were sitting and discussing it (not in her presence), we were disappointed and other people were passing their judgments on her. Someone said 'well lets find out whats up with her' and they picked up the phone and called her over. Pause the world for a second......... i had never met or been in such a situation. I said to myself 'these girls right here are real people, to be called friends. This is friendship, this feels so right and safe.'
I then started to be very particular with my use of the word friend and acquaintance. At 16 a friend is a person you hang around, talk for hours on the phone with etc etc, basically anyone that gels with your personality. But its only with age that you realise this doesnt make them a friend rather a person you are acquainted with.

'When days are dark friends are few'
I can now after seeing such days dispute this claim, when days are dark, friends are your light. If they were friends they would be there.To quote Junior Gong ' your real friends will serve you long, sunshine or rain.' It is in these 'dark days' that you see the true character of the chosen few you call friends. Their reaction could be as simple as a daily hug, no words or as heartwarming as lending you their prized cd with a song you must hear. Possibly its just coming to your house to keep you company and not mentioning your misery or just saying go eat!
I cant ever forget the friend who said 'we noticed that there's something off about you and we are worried." You see there's that extra step between noticing and taking action, it shows a true heart of love for you as opposed to ' i wonder what her issue is'.
Now back to the song 'Lean on me'... 'when you're not strong and i'll be your friend, i'll help you carry on.' I get it, when you just feel like you cant go it alone, they appear because they know you need them and without a complaint you can put your weight on them. And they will bear it until you can stand. And when you stand a real friend will talk to you seriously and show you how not to trip like that again.
To my friends you know who you are cuz i tell you all the time how much I love you. "You can lean on me..."
Lean on Me by the cast of Glee

People Watching

"People watching or crowd watching is the act of observing people and their interactions, usually without their knowledge."

I know that everyone has a story but some people just look more interesting than others. I was people watching the other day, not on purpose i was just waiting around in town. And in this few minutes i saw some people ... just leave it at that people.
First person who i would like to name Grandpa Baggins
about 6 feet tall, a tad overweight, late 60's. What interested me was his outfit. Circa world war 2 white sailor's hat, tropical shirt (you know the cheesy tourist Caribbean ones with flowers and palm leaves), a white chord that acted as a sling for his arm and a small stick which he pushed against the wall and other places for balance. I began thinking possibly a boozer and about to ask for money? And then he passed and said the most pleasant Good morning. From that instant i wanted to know him just to hear his tale. I could imagine his home filled with trinkets from every decade, definitely has a story.

Sister Hotsteppa
A petite hot lady possibly in her late 50's maybe early 60's. High waist bell bottom jeans, a cowl neck top, sunglasses and blazer. She was well engaged in a story with her female companion. I felt like i wanted her to be my neighbour. You know the one you visit because she always has something to say about something. And the lady that who refuses to be 'old'.

Miss Vogue
A transplanted italian vogue model. High stilettos, designer sunglasses, posh outfit, but clearly she wasnt going to or coming from the office. Just running errands i suppose? Must be nice....Where is the paparazzi? I would love to trail her just to see her house, Blue Waters, lovely view, million $$ casa? Husband with gelled back hair and 3 piece suit?

That's all i saw ... :) stop for a minute and just look around its amazing what you will see.

Monday, September 13, 2010

random fact

Here's another random fact about me i collect quotes. I dont just go through quote books or sites that copy what i like, that's no fun! I like to be pleasantly surprised and intrigued by something i hear in a song or movie, something i see on a wall hanging or randomly somewhere where i least expect. I dont know what started it i was young when i began collecting. I used to write them on the wall next to my bed. My room was painted over so i decided to be civilised and write them in a book *as pictured* Dont ask for me for favourites, i have written them all for some reason. Here are some random ones

"She hoped she wou
ld never see him again. She knew she would die if she didnt. It was a curse to love like that." F.W Kenyon

"Sometimes its more nob
le to tell a small lie than a noble truth." Dumbledore

"Yet ah! Why shou
ld they know their fate? Since sorrow never comes too late. And happiness to swiftly flies, thought would destroy their paradise. No more where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise" Thomas Gray

laugh at me for being different. I laugh at you for being the same." Eve l

"There's one sad truth in
life I've found, while journeying east & west. The only folks we really wound are those we love the best. We flatter those we scarcely know, we please the fleeting guest, and deal full many a thoughtless blow to those who love us best" Ella Wilcox

Team love

So to make a long story short i had a short convo with someone i hadnt seen in a while and the person says to me 'but why didnt you fight.' I thought for a second and the image of a lonely fighter in the boxing ring came to mind. And i responded 'because you cant fight alone.'
Dear readers one of the hardest lessons I've learned this year is that fighting alone is no fight at all. I pondered this whole idea of fighting and came up with a 1 man side of a tug of war team. Team love. If you are the only person on the team love side of the rope you are going to be pulled into the mud by the other side. And trust me the other side is always extremely prepared and full. Every force set to destroy team love is pumped and ready to bring it to its knees.

Dear readers if you are alone on the other side and feel you can do it, you can fight alone and win for team love! Drop the rope and wave your flag, you wont win. If you are not alone and you both fall in the mud, you both can help each other up, clean each other off and live to fight another day. If you are alone who exactly is gonna to help you? And where are you getting the energy to fight another day? Remember the Keri Hilson song 'this love is taking all of my energy'?
A good soldier knows what battles to pick and which ones to walk away from. You know the term 'you and what army?' If you dont have an army dont bother doing the being pulled through the mud while the other side jumps for joy.

Now you have probably figured out what being alone on team love means.. .if not think of a 2 seated bicycle, a bicycle built for 2 and only 1 is peddling because the other person is lazy and cant be bothered to try anymore. The sun is hot, they are sweating and would prefer a free ride. You will stay balanced for a few moments before gravity takes you to your resting place.
Contrary to what you've been told in life about being strong and fighting for what you want. If you are alone dont fight!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blessed are the forgetful

"Blessed are the forgetful: for they get the better even of their blunders."
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

Just imagine forgetting the things in life worth tossing in the sea of forgetfulness. Heartbreak would be erased in a day, bad times never been there....... People say we go through things to make us stronger to teach us something. All the cliches and wise words are great 10 years later when you are far past the pain. But for a moment, just a moment dont we all wish that we could just forget?