Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love, Marilyn

I am about to talk about Marilyn Monroe again....you may have heard me speak about her before, this is new stuff so walk with me :) Dont ya love my preambles?

HBO premiered a documentary called Love, Marilyn which featured journal notes from a recently found box of Marilyn's belongings. I became fascinated with Marilyn after I read a few of her quotes. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she wasnt a dumb blonde. After watching Love, Marilyn I can say that she has truly earned my respect. This woman was an actress. From a young age she wanted to act, not be famous or look cute or take pictures, she wanted to act. And so much of her life was dedicated to getting into the business, learning the craft and getting roles. She knew what she had to do to get through the door and she did it unapologetically. The tragic thing about this story is that she couldnt be who she wanted to be. You know what depressed Marilyn Monroe? Not being able to get roles that were deep that were passed being a ditzy blonde in a tight skirt. She wanted to be taken seriously she wanted to use her acting skills. But to the world around her she was a trophy, her beauty was her gift and her curse. Men wanted to look at her not give her roles with complex characters. You know I think that Marilyn would have been happier in the 21st century. Think about it, back in her days there weren't many movies or opportunities. She was on a contract with a production company and had to act in what she was given...although she gave them the finger a few times and got fired (I love a chick with guts) Nowadays she would have had a choice. If mainstream wasnt taking her seriously then she coulda done indie films and had her undiscovered gem moment. Marilyn Monroe tried to pursue her dreams, she ate, slept and died with her dreams. I salute you Norma Jean Baker....Live your dreams!