Monday, February 11, 2013

The Next Big Thing

Tag I'm it!  So I've been tagged by author Joanne Hillhouse to participate in a blog relay called 'The Next Big Thing'. You can check out her post on her blog here. You can also check out another author/ blogger, Tameka- Jarvis George that I religiously follow on her blog. Basically Im going to answer some questions based on my last book as seen below available on Amazon, Kindle and Best of Books Antigua. *shameless plug over and out* See interview below

Thursday, February 7, 2013

If all men are dogs, does that make all women bitches?

I just got in a little debate with someone and felt inspired to write a post. And can you imagine that this isn't the post I began writing for this week. Im doing well. I'm proud....ok back to the topic at hand. A friend of mine expressed her dislike at a paragraph of advice given by a popular life coach on how to treat your male partner/spouse. She thought that there was an unfair balance of advice dissemination and that men were the ones who needed the advice. She thought that women were the ones holding their relationship together and making the sacrifices.
While I do agree that there is an unbalance, I mean just pick up any women's magazine! You are guaranteed to find at least one article explaining how to please your man. Pick up any men's magazine and find it a rare treat to see something about making your woman happy.

As a young girl growing up all you heard was 'all men are dogs.' After going through years of observation I have come to the conclusion that there is no unbalance when it comes to relationships. All women are not angels and all men are not dogs. In fact sometimes we give men a bad rap. How is a young man supposed to grow up decent if he is burdened with a label he hasn't earned?
*disclaimer this post is purely relationship based and doesnt cover gender based issues such as domestic abuse and rape*

  •  For every man that cheats there's a woman who is willingly cheated with him knowing of his relationship status. 

  • For every dead beat dad, there's a no good mother who would neglect her kids for a new hair style and some manicured nails. 

  • For every man that said 'you know I'm not ready to settle down.' There's a woman that said 'I dont care, I just want to be with you.'

  • For every man that cheats on his good woman. There's a woman that cheats on her 'too nice' man. *PS I never understand when women say this. Oh he was just too nice....and being nice is bad why? Then she finds a 'bad boy' who treats her horribly then all of a sudden you hear how wretched the gender is.....women make no sense sometimes I admit!* 

  • For every man that has outside children there's a woman who knows her kid aint his! (ok this one might be unbalanced but you get the point, it happens.) 

I am not advocating for the ill treatment of nice people. I am just saying that people are just people,  black, white, indian, chinese, we all have different characters, convictions and tragic flaws. Hence maybe one can say 'people are horrible!'

Let's remember this especially when we are talking around children they deserve a fair chance to grow up without labels.