Friday, February 28, 2014

Life and Love -20's style

How come nobody sits and contemplates life upon approaching the age of 20? For some reason we are all just antsy to get to 21, so we can be legal……Why doesn't anyone tell us to be pensive upon entering your 20's? Your 20's are kinda like the foundation of your life. A bad foundation leads to problems later on, dont we all know this so well! I feel like every single decision we make in our 20's has an adverse effect on the rest of our lives more than any other age. Well unless you were a teen parent or got arrested. Upon approaching 30, we sit and think of where we have been and where we are going. Allegedly we are supposed to get our issh together in our 30's because we have figured out what works and what doesn't work by trial and error in our 20's. I couldn't do this reflective post alone (oh there will be many, i don't turn 30 until November!), so I enlisted the thoughts of my friends. I wanted to know what we had all learned about life and love through the battlefield called our 20's.

Life…  I think it is best to say that life begins at 20!

"Life is hard you basically work to survive, and you only realise it when you become an adult. Things that you took for granted as a youth you appreciate more now as an adult due to the fact that it has value to it at the expense of you!"

"Seize the day! Stop thinking you have so much time. Take the risks in your 20's when you have the time to rectify the mistakes if you make them. Your 20's is when you should be hustling and setting the ground work for the rest of your life; buy a piece of land,start a business, save and invest.Yes you can party and lime but don't do it to the point that you loose sight of the fact that there's more to life. Loosing sight of the reality of life after your 20's will have you facing your 30's and wondering what the hell did I do with the last 10 years!"

"You never know what your reaction will be until you are actually placed in the situation"

Love... does this even need an introduction! 

"The biggest lesson I learnt about love is that it's completely unpredictable. You can try to prepare for all that it brings but it's still basically an unknown.."

"Love is full of compromises, regrets, challenges/complications, forgiveness-but it also gives the greatest joy!"

"True unconditional love still exists! The problem is that some of us women tend to allow our Mother's/Sister's/Cousin/Auntie/Friend's experience to color our perception. Don't ever let that happen to you. When you find that one person that is willing to bend over backwards for you, go the extra mile, be there when they need you. This person actually puts up with your crap without asking for anything in return. Hold on tight and don't ever let go! The bottom line is don't let anybody else's experience color yours and recognise true love when you see it."

To my friends in Club 1984, I think you all are pretty awesome! What did you learn in your 20's?