Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miss you always

I almost didnt realise that I missed the 10th anniversary of Aaliyah's untimely slipping away. Now Im not a person for this kinda thing. But if you didnt know I have/had an unhealthy obsession with her. I wanted to dress like her etc etc. I think her death still bothers me because she's the first person I knew that died young. Note well I never met the chick. But at a young age I just saw her on tv and in magazines and wanted to emulate her. I guess partly cuz we had the same body type real skinny, small boobs and a washboard stomach (ya i HAD one of those lol). 
I still remember the day I came home from church turned on the tv which was set on CNN and hearing them talk about her and I thought she won some award or something. Then I stood there stunned. I didnt understand, thought it was a rumor, cuz she was so young. Why I feel like I knew her I really dont know, why I miss someone I never met, I have no idea. All I know is at certain points when I hear her music I think I miss you babygirl. She wanted to be remembered as a great entertainer and good person and that's exactly how I remember her.

RIP always ........

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So at the beginning of this year I decided to title my year with a theme. This year's theme is 'Great is thy faithfulness'. I decided that against my wanna be in control of things nature I would depend more on the faithful nature of God. After all He has never let me down even in times when I cant figure out where things are going (i hate not knowing!). Anyways point is everything I had whispered a silent prayer about this year has come through. So this is my public THANK YOU!  A few new chapters have opened for me particularly this month, so fast my head is spinning! But not so fast that I didnt get the chance to stop and say Thanks.
"Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good."  - Maya Angelou

Peace & Blessings :)

The one

A few weeks ago  I read a blog post on one of the blogs I love to follow Island Style (check it out). There was a really deep poem linked to the post. The subject of the poem was basically about not settling for someone just because time is marching on and you need to have 'the one' in your life. The poet said she was gonna wait for him to come along. I really enjoyed the poem however I tend to disagree with this waiting for 'the one' story. Dont get me wrong dont settle with the next joe blow that comes around because your clock is ticking, no 1 should ever settle. But no one should sit and wait either! I have met alot of women who say they are waiting. And I have met alot of older women who say they waited but he never came. Waiting for the one to me is like Waiting For Godoe. I had the displeasure, at the time, of reading this book in state college. I hated the book found it made no sense.

The whole book was about 2 old men waiting for this Godoe person to arrive. I didnt get the relevance of the book until years later. They were told Godoe was coming, but they never met him, nor were sure of his existence. But someone said to sit there and Godoe would come along. Isnt waiting for the one like waiting for Godoe? How can you wait for someone that may not be coming along the road, passing the bench you are sitting on?
I blame Disney and all those other fairytales that make us think that this white knight is gonna come knocking at our castle door. Some say they pray that God sends the one. Sure you need to pray about everything in your life, but He doesnt drop people from the sky. Case in point dont sit waiting for some magical oops i dropped my things and this gorgeous creature from heaven helps me pick them up and *shazzam* 
A spinster I know once pulled me aside and implored me to not make the same mistake she did. She said she was too picky and let so many men pass through her fingers. While we shouldnt settle for someone because they came around, we also shouldnt turn away someone because they dont match up to our list. I have learnt early out that this list person doesnt exist, a person built exactly to your liking is highly unlikely.  A plain brown paper package can have the best treasure as opposed to looking for a pretty big nicely wrapped box it may very well be empty. If you see something go after it, keep yourself open to opportunity, and most importantly remember good things can come in plain brown paper wrappings with a option to help assemble them piece by piece.
*Disclaimer: I in no way am an expert on this topic, im just saying what I think*

Friday, August 12, 2011


I dont know if you remember me mentioning the poem 'It will Pass' by Queen Sheba. Well it got me through some tough times. Point of the poem as mentioned is 'it will pass like time promises it will'. At the times one thinks, no it wont as they slam their head against the pillow. Nothing about the rain stopping makes sense when the sky is dark, rain is pounding on your face and its blacker than night.  But oh when it stops raining, it stops. You tend not to notice the gradual reduction til you look up one day and think hey its kinda just drizzling. Then one day it stops and for some strange reason there's no 'hey its not raining moment'. You just realise one day that life has gone back to normal. You realise that you are more than ok, you are pretty great. Your clothes are dry, the sun is shining and life is good.

So if you are going through something, when people tell you time heals all wounds it's true. It really doesn't seem so at the time, but take it from me, it will pass. 

I was going through my old posts and came across my New Year's post and reflected on how far I have come. And the fact that except for 1 task (in progress) I have completed all the things I set out to do this year both physically and mentally. Yay me :)

Right so I also have a Tumblr account now, I see things and like them cuz it fits my line of thought so I tumble em. No thoughts, just quotes and pictures. Case in point more of the Moon Dancer to love :)