Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The heart's painting

You always think you know someone because you believe and absorb what they want you to know about them.But it is the unsaid things that actually say the most, the small reactions, mumbled words and seemingly useless commentary that paints the real picture.
I wont lie (nb i use that phrase alot) I have observed alot of these secret paintings. A painting imprinted on the heart, hidden from the world.
Some paintings reveal the pangs of a lonely heart.The pang of not being able to be left alone without the comfort of a warm hug and kiss good night. The pang of caving in to desperation which unavoidably leads to life's chaos,an unavoidable chaos that becomes real everyday living.
Some paintings are full of pain hidden carefully behind happiness, like the devil peeping from behind an angel. It's pain that dictates your actions until a person no longer recognizes their self, until they feel like they have lost who they are, the person who existed before the heart had such a thirst for creativity.
Many have a painting that transcends time boundaries, the past spilling onto the present almost over shadowing it with loud colors and splashes of distraction.
What to say to err is human! And as hard as we try inside we all have flawed, messy, unpretty, chaotic paintings that we must bear to look at. Sometimes we look until we figure it out ultimately conquering the tale it tells. And sometimes we just sit under and let it take us where ever it goes no matter how far it spills from reality.

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