Sunday, April 11, 2010

Glass Angel

You are like a child who asks to play with the precious porcelain doll placed high on a shelf. You had eyed her for quite sometime and were fascinated by her delicate nature. You are told handle with care, she's not a toy. You take her start off gently cradling her in your loving arms. As time goes by you get more comfortable you toss her, play rough, scraping her arms and chaffing her skin.Yet still she always landed safely back in your arms.
So you take her fragility for granted becoming more careless and carefree. You think that she's indestructable, simply unbreakable. So you drop her, face first onto the cold tile floor, breaking her little glass self into a million pieces. And then like a coward you run away leaving the shattered angel broken and alone, a mess for someone else to clean up. You never thought to turn around and mend her, humbly piecing each shard together.
Alas you are a child you know no better. Runaway and hide little boy, do what you know best.

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