Tuesday, September 21, 2010

People Watching

"People watching or crowd watching is the act of observing people and their interactions, usually without their knowledge."

I know that everyone has a story but some people just look more interesting than others. I was people watching the other day, not on purpose i was just waiting around in town. And in this few minutes i saw some people ... just leave it at that people.
First person who i would like to name Grandpa Baggins
about 6 feet tall, a tad overweight, late 60's. What interested me was his outfit. Circa world war 2 white sailor's hat, tropical shirt (you know the cheesy tourist Caribbean ones with flowers and palm leaves), a white chord that acted as a sling for his arm and a small stick which he pushed against the wall and other places for balance. I began thinking possibly a boozer and about to ask for money? And then he passed and said the most pleasant Good morning. From that instant i wanted to know him just to hear his tale. I could imagine his home filled with trinkets from every decade, definitely has a story.

Sister Hotsteppa
A petite hot lady possibly in her late 50's maybe early 60's. High waist bell bottom jeans, a cowl neck top, sunglasses and blazer. She was well engaged in a story with her female companion. I felt like i wanted her to be my neighbour. You know the one you visit because she always has something to say about something. And the lady that who refuses to be 'old'.

Miss Vogue
A transplanted italian vogue model. High stilettos, designer sunglasses, posh outfit, but clearly she wasnt going to or coming from the office. Just running errands i suppose? Must be nice....Where is the paparazzi? I would love to trail her just to see her house, Blue Waters, lovely view, million $$ casa? Husband with gelled back hair and 3 piece suit?

That's all i saw ... :) stop for a minute and just look around its amazing what you will see.

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