Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stupid In Love - Admit One

I was on vacation....that's my story and I'm sticking with it....well preparing for vacation then going, hence the lapse...but enough of the excuses....let's get straight to the topic....
Why do seemingly sensible women make the dumbest decisions when it comes to men?

Now before you call me the biggest hypocrite known to man, let me explain myself. I was young and stupid...aight I realise that excuse has holes. I have a theory, that everyone deserves one Stupid In Love Pass. Yep a Stupid in Love Pass (this is the original idea of Floree A. Williams). I think as humans we all deserve a chance to mess up because we fell down the rabbit hole of love, and didnt know what to do with ourselves. It's a pass to have the relationship that embarrasses you years later. But you only get one pass, because you should have learned something after the pass expires. You should have  learned the danger of following the white rabbit down a hole where you have no footing. I would hope that the next time you see a white rabbit and you wanna follow him that you can get a rope, tie it to a tree and repel down. But beware there is fine print on the pass. Not everyone's stupid in love story ends with a rainbow after a stormy past. The world out there is dangerous and the cost of the wrong tango can be life changing.

You must be wondering where I'm going with this...I've become aware lately through observation that some women I know whether personally or from afar are in some situations with men that make me scratch my head. Women that I look at as strong, independent, sensible and all together. Mmmm imagine that you found out that Condoleezza Rice was dating that dude you see hanging on the corner 24/7 with his pants waist under his bottom.

You would shake her right? And say 'what is wrong with you woman!' You are highly intelligent and classy! What's with this dud?

Now here comes the Neutral know the people that always try to say, 'well maybe he's a nice guy, dont judge a book by the cover, she's happy'..blah.. blah.. I once heard someone say that we have become a generation of people who are so busy trying not to step on people's toes that we dont say things as they are.
He's the dude whose biggest priority is getting expensive bottle service at the club to floss and cant pay child support. He's the dude that is very married and has the usual 'imma leave my wife' excuse. He's the dude who is extremely possessive and controlling. Don't tell me I'm judging that guy and define happy for me!  He is what he is and doesn't do much to hide it. For some sad reason that woman thought it best to lower her standards to be with him. That woman is your good friend/sister/ aunt and she deserves better than him. Sometimes we say this outloud if we are brash, or softly if we feel wary. And sometimes, alot of times, she lashes back and takes it the wrong way.

Maybe she doesnt think better exists, maybe she is tired of looking and is ready to settle with the next guy that says a sweet word. Maybe she doesnt think much of herself. Whatever it is I just wanted to say  we all deserve better!

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