Saturday, July 17, 2010

twenty something

So I was watching a recap show of the 6 seasons of the show 'The Hills". Yes it's my guilty pleasure, well was I didnt watch the last season because the main character left. Anyhow the point of this is that the ladies were having a convo about life and being twenty something and the 1/4 life crisis. That one day you wake up and all of sudden you ask yourself where is your life going especially when the people around you seem to be progressing. You, for a second, long for the days when life was simpler, you were younger and didnt have that much to worry about.
In one way some say you are still young, what is young? To me being young is relative, depending on what you want to achieve in life.
You begin to wonder when the big events of life will roll in, where your so called career is going. Where you are going and who you are going there with.
I have had thoughts on all these things and seeing that I dont have the answers I can only say that life is short so might as well enjoy every opportunity and every moment given.

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