Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In my heart we dance

In my heart we dance, we hold each other under a moonlit sky. In my heart we do everything you promised, everything i imagined. In my heart its as perfect as your entrance into my life.

Peace is what i feel and i dont know why, i dont know why the tears have stopped. I think it's because in my heart we dance. We live as lovers should and somewhere in the universe of almost occurences we had our chance. Maybe indeed in another lifetime we were one, we laughed and kissed, had our moments of bliss, we grew old together and died. And now by chance we get a few more moments to say hello.

In my heart we dance in a place that only we know. A place you can always come back to because you deserve to be there. I wont forget you, because when i think about you we dance in my heart to a song only we can hear. We dance to a song that has to end but we dance, we dance until the last beat and clutch each other in a goodbye that makes even the birds cry.
For you always in my heart we dance....

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