Monday, August 30, 2010

Never let fear stop you from dancing on the moon

So i probably should have started out with this post, explaining this whole moondancer business and the infamous quote which i have all over the place. Well i cant remember how old i was I'm thinking maybe 13, i was channel surfing one afternoon and came across a scene from a movie. A little girl maybe a bit younger than me was in a bedroom with a quirky looking woman. The woman said to her "Never let fear stop you from dancing on the moon." Since the movie was obviously closer to its end than beginning i changed the channel, but the quote stayed in my mind. A few months later and im talking closer to like a year, i came across the movie again and got to watch from the beginning.
Dancing on the Moon, is a pretty regular summer adventure movie, but that quote.. I dont know it just inspired me, there's something about dancing on the moon that sounds so freeing. To me the moon represents this really happy place. And fear usually talks you out of getting there because the step before happiness is usually pretty terrifying. Think of the first snip of your hair when you are cutting it off. Your mind races what if i look bad, maybe i will tell her dont bother just trim it but then she turns you around and voila! You love it!! You walk out feeling hotter than a mid-summer day (dancing on the moon). Just imagine if you had punked out because fear made you do it!
Ok i can be a hypocrite because i punk out alot so i have to keep repeating the quote in my head.
But ya that's the story and that's my motivation :)


  1. I have been searching for something about this movie for years because I couldn't remember the name. Something about that movie has stuck with me too :)

  2. I am from Holland and the same thing happend to me. Saw the movie when I was younger, remembered that quote (even wrote it down) and always asked myself what movie it was called..
    That quote sticked by me for all those years. :)