Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love is...

Love is staring beyond her eyes and into her soul. 
Love is  holding her hand, squeezing infrequently to remind her that he is thinking of her, even though she's right there. 
Love is telling her at the times when she doesnt think so, that she is beautiful, once, twice, three times. 
Love is staring at her ever so often to drink in her very essence. 
Love is caressing her in a crowded room enjoying a solitary moment, listening to her dreams, laughing off her frustrations, kissing her; finding pleasure in every tender lick, bite and pull. 
Love is long hugs, moonlight strolls, sweet early morning reminders, inside jokes, prolonged good nights, endless laughter, stolen moments in a sea of people.
Love is pulling her in close, wrapping her up in a warm kiss, staring deep into her eyes  and saying ......

Close to you , around you. My heart is singing a new song. Words and melody coming from you.
Comfort you, holding you. This is my only fantasy. Just wanna breathe the air surrounding you


She relishes spending hours in his company
She cherishes his open expression of guiltless love
She  adores his beautiful smile, bashful laugh and gorgeous brown eyes
She beams at the very sound of her name from his lips
She shivers at his touch, tender and reassuring every graze done with care
She inhales at the very thought of his existence in her life, inhale/exhale hold back the tears of joy. Inhale/exhale where did he come from, how did he get in? Inhale/exhale she thought this feeling would never come again. Inhale/exhale her dark nights are now beautiful mornings. Inhale/exhale please don't leave she wants him to stay always. Inhale/exhale its moving so fast, what is this feeling? Inhale/exhale is this it? Is this love...exhale
Yes, she thinks....yes, she knows... yes ,she does.....she loves him. 
Love is him 

Love is kind, it makes me stronger. I don't have to look no longer. You're the one I'd cling to, love is you

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