Monday, October 3, 2011

My Fav O moment

 I got an email today from Miss Oprah, dont get excited it was a newsletter thingy. Anyways she was asking people, in the Chicago area (booo) to submit their favourite surprise type moment from her show. I wanted to submit mine, but I am a woman of order and seeing that they were specific in their request for Chicagonians (is that what you call em?) I closed the screen. So I will just tell you instead, maybe Miss O will see and fly me out anyways :D
Yes back to the topic at hand. She was interviewing this young man from Sudan I think. When he was little his village was attacked. As the rebels plowed through the village killing everyone in sight. He and a few other boys escaped through the forest and braved the wilderness for many months until they found a refugee camp. I think they were called the lost boys.

At the camp he met a little girl who he became good friends with. He asked one of the volunteers to take a picture of the 2 of them. The volunteer returned to the camp many months later and gave him the photo. The little girl had already been sent for in another country and subsequently he was sent to the US to live. Many years later he went to visit a friend of his in Canada. They went to church and guess who he saw there? Yep the little girl from the camp. He just knew it was her and he even had the picture with him still after all those years. So they started talking, badda bing, badda boom they fell in love. Unfortunately they were having great difficulty in getting her paper work straight so the process had become long, drawn out and frustrating. After he had gotten to this part of his story. Dear Miss Oprah informs the guy that she pulled a few strings and guess who is here!

Out walks the girl and the guy jumps over to the couch (screw you Tom Cruise this was better) and runs to her.

This was the most memorable surprise moment to me because that was a real life fairytale, complete with a fairy godmother who waved her wand and made things fall into place, a touch of fate and overcoming great odds. Yes I shed a few tears of happiness because I saw true love in that face of that man as he flew over the couch to touch the one who he longed to see the most. And after hearing their story of great courage I couldnt think of anyone who deserved it more.

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