Monday, October 24, 2011


I wrote this really randomly one day. I just started thinking that time just passes so quickly and as time goes it gets more complicated....sometimes I just wanna say hold on pause...

Clocks tick time passing tick tock please stop.
Hours, days, minutes, seconds, wait please halt
Time ticks on seasons pass, children grow old
Memories fade, relationships wane
Please second hand no more tick tock.

Time wait for me, wait for me I'm not ready to grow up
I'm not ready for life to march on, people to leave, seasons to age me
Time please I beg you just wait, let me linger awhile longer right here

Just right here pause right here where life is easy between kinda half grown and full grown
Not so young and not yet old
Before simple bills turn into major payments
Before I love yous turn into I dos
Before see you laters turn into I'll see you on the other side
Time I know you wait for no man, please just wait on me
Clocks tick time passing tick tock please stop

(c) F.A.W

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