Monday, December 12, 2011

I wanna write for Cosmo!

Oh look she's in a writing mood!
Ok so lately I've been....well not that lately...but I've been reading magazines more online mostly. What's with all the dumb ass articles that fill women magazines? And where can i sign up to write for one? I wanna get paid for pulling things out my ass! Seriously who made Katerina Isinberg (if you exist hun no offense) an expert on how to make a man happy? Has she dated a large enough variety of men to be able to know how every possible man in the world operates?
Oh please tell me why Amanda Rose knows 50 ways to prove he's in love with you? How come this chick knows. Or more like how come this chick gets paid to make up stuff and do random google searches for useless facts?
Further more how come men are not writing these articles? Wouldn't they know most of all how their minds operate? Women's mags tend to try and add like 1 'men's point of view' page to appease this query.

Why we keep buying these publications is beyond me. The big titles are usually dumb stuff like how to turn him on, how to be sexy, figure out what he's thinking. If this is a women's magazine why is half the content about getting, keeping and pleasing a man? I think a bunch of men should start their own magazine giving advice for women cuz clearly its a hot commodity. Hire the usual fashion consultant, nutrionist and ob-gyn for pertinent stuff and the rest, just have at it. Tell us why we are still single, tell us where to meet 'good' men, give us catchy pick up lines......hold a sec are these topics in men's magazines?
Lets look at a random GQ cover ...nope nothing about where to meet wife material. We have some celeb interviews, gadget reviews, fashions, and just a little subtitle about looking at pics of sexy girls. Looks like some good reading to me....maybe i'll subscribe to GQ lol

Let's look at a woman's i went to google cosmo covers and saw this trend i had to screen capture. Every other cover has the word sex bolded and enlarged..... and we have topics like between his thighs, 3 signs he's about to cheat (like this is universal!), his biggest sex secrets (hmm i wonder what chick wrote that), Is he normal down there (isn't that his problem?).  Oh this one from Glamor sounds good why he didn't friend you on Facebook (do tell!)

So after watching Miss Representation I wonder if it is that the big bad media is so controlling or if we have just brain washed ourselves. These magazines strive because we buy them, we write for them...what am i missing? Don't get me wrong there are some women's magazines that are about women stuff, not as popular clearly. In the meantime stop buying the dunce ones that tell you things you already know! Im just saying lol.


  1. i feel you girl...i feel you......i wanna get paid for writing nancy stories too

  2. Amen Amen Amen Flow! We've had enough sex advise to last a lifetime! I stopped buying/reading them a long time ago. It's useless and a serious waste of hard earned dollars.

  3. lol this is so true. What in the world made this chicks opinions expert.