Thursday, February 23, 2012

Team Madea and a Celeb's crotch

So its black history month....can I first say that I like the man who had the idea for the month thinks that it sucks that people are willing to stick to this one month. He always intended for it to start as a month and branch out...but we black people have helped to contain our history into one month, the shortest month of the year mind you!
Anyways seeing that we are in the month of black then I would like to address two black topics:

1) Tyler Perry
I don't know why so many hate on this man plying his trade. Im personally a fan I LOVE his plays they are funnier than the movies and yes my friends Madea is even more over the top, but I love em. I don't really get why people hate on him and his empire. I've heard that he makes black people look bad because of his buffoonery but I really don't see the difference between him and a Eddie Murphy movie. To appreciate Tyler Perry you gotta look at his work critically. The movies cover a lot of heavy topics. If you took out the comedy and over the top characters you would have a man that makes really deep movies. And while there is nothing wrong with deep movies nobody wants to watch a succession of depressing movies, remember this is about entertaining. With that being said the best way to attract people to a movie that teaches a lesson is to cover it with a layer of side splitting jokes. If you say he always goes over the same topics abuse, drug use and cheating and he doesn't represent black people, i would like to suggest  that he isn't talking to you. Lets stop trying to paint a rosy picture to other races.

There are lots of people being abused, addicted to drugs and involved in other types of scandal. And you know how he reaches these people? He puts in a silly character that keeps them coming back and then he gently inserts a message of hope, redemption and faith. If you can't relate count yourself fortunate. Just give the man a break he isn't making movies about gangsters shooting up the hood or men on a sexual quests. So why not lighten up?!

2) Role models
Rihanna has been coming under a lot of criticism lately because of some of her choices. She and any other celebrity that messes up is judged harshly because they are role models and need to set better examples. Stop the presses.....did they sign a role model application form? First of all as a parent why de ass is your kid listening to Rihanna? Does she sing children's tunes? Why are little girls emulating Nicki Minaj? Wearing pink and calling herself a barbie don't make her kid friendly. I still laugh when i think of the news story about the Parents Council for TV something or the other kicking up a storm about Rihanna's man down video. Apparently it sends the wrong message.....why are kids watching this again???

Parents are what's wrong with the world today not the youth. Why? cuz they are letting the media raise their kids. The media and entertainers have no obligation other than to make $$ to feed themselves. Get a clue parents and show your kids real role models. Tell them about the first black female astronaut so that they can dream big. Tell them about the civil rights women leaders who refused to be treated like animals so that they can raise the standard for themselves. Tell them about the women presidents and nobel peace prize winners so that they can know anything is possible with determination. Don't call up the media when some 21 year old flashes her crotch on a music video, she aint your kid to raise. Children with a strong foundation and sense of self won't be swayed when their fav entertainer goes on a crack binge....

That was my rant for the week......ah i feel sooo much better :)

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