Monday, March 5, 2012

Five Random Rambles

If you are like me nothing brings you more joy than to just watch and listen to people. People that are in no way aware of your attentiveness. Now that you know what I like doing may I share some things that I've heard or saw that either annoy me or make me scratch my head? Yes? Of course you're either gonna continue reading or close the page :)

1) Why do people have to shorten words. Have we become to lazy to talk and use full words? For some reason words like cuzzo and hubby annoy me. Weird I know but I just can't stand those words for some odd reason. Its bad enough that we keep shortening typed words, for goodness sakes let's keep words long and pointed. *ps I don't like the word kudos either, I know it isn't short for anything but I hate that I hate the word and have to use it sometimes, grr*

2) People that talk about getting their summer bodies. I suppose if you live in a temperate climate you store your fat during the winter season and shed it during the summer like bears? I will kinda let y'all slip by. I just wanna know why my Caribbean brothers and sisters talk about their summer body when the place is always hot? Can't I host a beach party in the middle of November? Does this mean everyone covers up cuz they don't have a summer body yet? My peoples its always hot here. You either keeping in shape or not!

3) This natural hair i really don't care what you do with your hair *except cheap lace fronts there is no tolerance for the bonfire material women put on their heads* ..... where was i? ...oh yes, I really don't care what you do. My issue is that all of a sudden a ton of women jump on the natural hair train fad and turn into evangelical natural hairalistas *yes i made up a term*.... excuse me miss wasn't your hair permed like 3 months ago?? Who died and made you the queen empress of naps? Why are you now telling me that I'm not proud of what I was born with? Umm don't you wear makeup? What's wrong with the face you were given? Don't you have barely there eyebrows so you can pencil them in? Why don't you let them grow bushy as God intended? I am not ashamed of my hair I do what works for me. Don't quote India Arie to me cuz if we are not our hair then it don't matter what we do with it? Am I wrong? Fried, died, straight, curly, kinky, wavy who cares do ya thing....heck go bald if it suits you. Oh yes I said fad, like fashion dreads some people will leap on the train and then fall off in a few years......we see you!!

4) Self Portraits in the bathroom....... I understand that you would like a whole shot of your outfit but ummm with 7 billion people in the world you can't find one person to take a picture of you, with a background that doesn't include the place where people squat to poop? And umm why you take a picture where the flash bounces off the mirror and blots out half your face? Back in the days of film we would say 'the picture spoil!'

5) So I joined the matrix and got BB.......crappy phones btw the only use is the bbm................I must commend RIM they single handedly changed real life, real time interactions in the 21st century. If your friend doesn't come to the movies you can just sit in the movies and update them about how good it is. Oops you missed a really funny moment while you were looking for the laughing emoticon. Your boyfriend didn't come clubbing that's ok, you can stand in the corner bbming him all night. Don't mind us physical people right next to you in the moment, like right now. If this person you are contacting is so important why didn't you stay home with them??

5 random rambles of things that annoy me...that's enough for today ....... at least I made ya smile didn't I :)