Monday, June 25, 2012

The What Now Phase

I have come to an interesting point in my life. And if you are anything from your mid 20's up, you maybe able to relate or maybe you are one of those people with a 5 year plan that's on track. Stop reading now and go be productive!

I introduce to you the What Now phase. One day after talking to some friends I kinda became aware of this unique moment in life. We both kinda sat down thinking, so this is life, we made it graduated and can be considered adults, so what now?  I guess I had been toying with it for quite some time before, truth be told, just didn't have a name for it.
Think of it, for most of your life you follow a set path. After exiting the womb you follow a set path of development. Starting with your parents teaching you the neccessary life skills to become a well functioning person. You know walking, talking, using the bathroom, dressing yourself etc. Then you start down the school path, they choose what preschool is the safest and most convenient. After that they decide what  school has the best performance levels, reasonable school fees, economy size class rooms etc etc.Then they decide your life right after high school. If you choose university like I did your parents gentling guide you away from professions they dont like, and this is why I'm not a website designer or computer technician *shrugs*. You kinda choose your school but they are busy behind your back ensuring that your choice makes practical sense.And then you graduate some years later depending on how far you go. You find a job, and a job and a job then a good job one that makes sense to you....and then it what do I do now??
Do I further my education because it's a sensible decision I think about a house or I start a family or get married or something....become an entrepenuer ...... *rubs magic 8 ball*

You begin realise that this is the first time in your life that things are solely up to you. You've made decisions before they just weren't big ones, ones that weren't life altering, big deals, no turning back kinda stuff. Before now someone was always carefully laying out the steps of your life, regardless of how many times you fall off the path you always knew the next step.

So back to why I am posting, I'm kinda feeling restless wondering what one does when you come to the end of the previously constructed steps. It's weird just running in the rat race, same basic thing day in and day out. Days, turn to weeks, weeks to years and then you wonder ok I've done this awhile what now?....No I'm really asking what now?


  1. Do a PhD and you never ever ever have to grow up and ask that question, lolol.