Thursday, January 23, 2014

All Hail Lupita!

I've had blogger's block since my last post coupled with the fact that my energies are placed elsewhere temporarily. I crave your patience this year I have a lot of my plate!
Aight post time…so I saw a conversation today which sparked my inkling to write. Have you heard about Lupita? You must have, Lupita is Hollywood's current It Girl.

Some say that they don't get the big deal because Lupita isn't the only good dark skinned actress making waves in Hollywood. This is very true there are some really talented ladies who are grossly underrated, underpaid and under employed! But let me just say I don't care if the hype about Lupita dies tomorrow!  I welcome the media attention, photos, the interviews and the articles. Why? Well this bleaching epidemic is getting out of hand. Have you seen this Nigerian model?

She is promoting a whitening product which sold out immediately apparently. I see women with my own eyes and that make me double take more than I would upon seeing a 6 foot 5" cross dressing man in a Bodycon dress and heels. Why do women want to go from dark chocolate, carmel, coco to some strange shade of ermmmm...what color is that? Why didn't they think that their black was beautiful? Some may say that they were teased about their color, some claim that it is a passed on mentality that 'white' is better, others say that it is a beauty trend and they can do what they want. I can understand that there are persons with genuine mental struggles. But I gotta ask, does Miss Whitencious pictured above expect to book more jobs in the shade of cream-off white-mother of pearl? It's a weird shade of not dark and not white. You can't tell me that she is getting more compliments now than before. For someone to want to erase all their black is scary. This isn't just about the social aspect, physically what will be the repercussions?

So bring on the media attention for Lupita! Let's bow at her feet, get her on every major magazine cover and swoon audibly about her gorgeous skin and complexion! Let those who go to buy their weekly supply of 'rub' see her on the magazine stands next to the cashier and put back their lightening cream. Let those little girls who are undecided about what is beautiful, cut Lupita out and put her pics on their bedroom walls. Every time Lupita graces the tv screen and the reporters gush about her, there is one young actress, one young black girl who feels a little more secure about herself. All hail Lupita and all the other black famous chicks who are rocking the stage and screen!

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