Monday, December 30, 2013

365 days later...

I am finally ready to write my end of year post. I think I kinda missed blogging in the month of November…..I'm sorry followers I have good reasons. I am opening and closing doors and life chapters and to be truthful it is has been very overwhelming at times. But that's a good thing and I'm happy. This has been a good year, I dare not complain for a thing. I have gotten to tick many places off my travel list. I got to catch up with some friends I haven't seen in years and I've made some new friends. I even took an ecourse for 6 weeks. I've done some strange things …stepped out my square box and defied definition! I definitely took 2013 by the lapels and said giddy up!

I sat compiling all the little notes of things I learned this year and realised that it would make quite a lengthy post! It's holiday season and nobody's got time for that! So here are the 2 things that stood out most to me.

This concept has popped up so many times .... ok universe I got your point. I first came across it reading an article in an inflight magazine about mediating to focus on the moment when you are overwhelmed. It was about breathing and becoming conscious of the moment. I have learned to shut the door on the past and not look back, but geez it is  hard not to run infront of myself...and worry...then get anxious...then worry some more. This isnt a fun way to function.One of my fav songs for 2013, Wake Me Up by Avcii, pretty much sums me up 'I tried carrying the weight of the world.But I only have two hands.' So I'm learning to live today and love today. This moment, this second, this breath,  and as the Bible says let tomorrow worry about itself.

This year I discovered Brene Brown, a shame and vunerability researcher. I took her ecourse and read 2 of her books! Now I am not a self help reader so I enjoyed Brene's scientific approach to these emotions. Until I heard her talk about this I thought I was alone with my feelings. Does something good ever happen to you and amidst your happiness does the terror of what bad can happen begin to invade your mind? Yeah that was me and I thought I was just being me until I heard her talk about the commonality of foreboding joy. Joy apparently is the hardest emotion to fully embrace because it's scary. From her findings, the happiest people who embraced joy the most were those who practiced gratitude. So instead of fearing terror and destruction in the midst of happiness I will remember to give thanks for that moment....and this rounds back to living in the moment! Guess I know what my 2014 theme will be!

I don't know what tomorrow will bring and I have quite a few big plans for 2014…but I can only live in today, appreciate today, this moment…the now.
So in 2014 remember


Can you imagine how much more Cinderella would have enjoyed the ball if she had stopped watching the time!

Happy 2014 to everyone. I pray for your enlightenment, love, protection and health! 

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