Monday, October 11, 2010

I cant remember

Its turned around, black velvet facing me. Curiosity brings my hands to touch it. And as though Superman touches kryptonite, power seeps out my veins. I stare at a picture of me and another. But I dont know you, just a stranger in a picture next to me. Just someone I think I used to know, someone whose name I no longer remember. Its like I have one of those diseases where I can't recall, cuz i look at you and have no idea what you mean to me.
Did someone die? Cuz i fe
el like someone left me and went to a place of no return, but I dont know who that was. I stare at this picture with the waves crashing in the background, a gorgeous 8x10 and nothing comes to mind, no feeling emerge. I just stare and wonder who is this person that I press my face against. How come they are so close to me and I dont seem to mind. How come I dont wanna cry cuz i miss them or smile cuz of fond memories. There's nothing I feel as empty as the eyes staring back at me. Something is missing from this picture, the 1000 words, there are no words flowing from this frame. This photo has no soul, no spirit something has gone from it. But what? something was there, something familiar, possibly happy, possibly surreal. Now its just colored ink on paper behind a glass surrounded by wood. A reproduction of two people on a beach at dusk...who are they... what were they ....why arent they......

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