Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I hope she......

So i was watching this clip of Marsha Ambrosuis. Her new song 'I hope she cheats on you, with a basketball player' is a song i absolutely love! And her interview where she explained the song made me love it more!
She says "Realistically you have that thought in the back of your mind, that says I hope you fail without me. And no one ever speaks on that emotion. I think if i'd have just done the corny 'i hope your happy in life without me, baby', everyone has heard that song. Its just something you say cuz its the right thing to say. No I decided to say the thing that you wanna say..."
I sat watching and nodding and said yes, sista, yes! Just be honest just say how you really feel. I remember talking to someone who, to me, was immensely screwed over and burned and she say 'No Im fine as long as he's happy, I'm happy.' Im glad we were talking on msn cuz my face expression was the priceless, WTH!! Years later I found out that was a facade, the thing she thought was to be said. But why aren't we honest. Why is that the right thing to say? How come when you say this, you are called 'bitter'? If someone steps on your toe with steel toe boots and it hurts like hell and you express your pain, why are you called a cry baby, and told to toughen up? WTH it actually, physically hurts, bruise, blood and all!
I like when artists are above the norm and honest. Yes there are a million 'you broke my heart, i miss you, i love you, come back home, songs.' *see Unbreak my Heart, Toni Braxton* Or the 'Im so hurt, you did me wrong, Im gonna have to move on' *see One Last Cry- Brian Mcknight*.
You are damn right Marsha I hope she cheats on you with a basketball player. As Keyshia Cole says 'I shoulda cheated' or Kelis downright states with no apologies 'I hate you so much right now.'
As the poet Queen Sheba (thanks for that Cella) says 'I know I should hope that you are happy even if its not with me. But Im not that mature!'
Say it, just say it, say what you really feel and stop this sugar coating! And stop telling people 'oh you shouldnt say that it's mean, don't be so bitter. Move on.'
I do believe God gave us feelings for a reason, it is what we do with those feelings that is wrong or right. We can be bitter and deal with it with time and prayer or we could plot a master plan of revenge, (right and wrong). But you cant deal with something until you say it, until you are completely honest. Show me one person who was crushed and stepped on by someone else to reach the top, that says I hope they are really successful at the top. I will show you one helluva liar! One day I suppose a point will come where you just dont care. Where you say 'you reap what you sow' or 'Imma come out on top just you wait and see'. Until then dont fool yourself, just say it! The first step to recovery is admission.
Signed first step patient :)

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