Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The making of Through the Window

This book has been through the fire and back, this tale actually starts in 2008... yes that long ago. I decided that I was going to write again, a novel this time. It was partly to prove to myself that I had talent beyond my first book. Yeah everyone loved the first one but I didnt like it. Basically it was the product of an upper year university course called 'Publishing a book' the stories were all class assignments throughout the years, ( yes I had courses in creative writing, pretty sweet). When republished by a 'real' publishing house I felt better but I wanted to really write something fresh.
So I opened my laptop and started. The story was originally going to be based on my love life ( if you know the whole story from 19 when you know its worth being printed). So I jacked up the ages of the characters and off I went. By page 3 I absolutely, positively hated it! So I took the file and dragged into my virtual trash can.
I pondered for a few months, then thought of something else. I wont go into details incase I revisit the idea but it was entitled 'Dear Serena'. I really cant remember how many pages I had but then boom.... the supposedly reliable Mac crashed... No I didnt have the file backed up its a Mac!!! dammit they dont crash right....
Fast forward the painstaking months it took to get my laptop returned from the states. I didnt feel 'Dear Serena' anymore. I was channel surfing and caught the tale end of a movie it was the convo between Queen Elizabeth and Sir Walter Raleigh. I wont say what they said it will give away the end of the book. But it gave me an idea and the life and times of my dear Anya were born. By mid 2009 I had finished and was ready to look for an agent and publisher. I did some research and to my dismay my book had fallen short of being considered a full length novel :(
That unfortunate news sent me into a depression, yep just really bummed out for months and months.
One day I opened the file and read it again, I have to say Im in love with the book and felt in my inner core that it had to be published some way some how. So I decided to go with my last publisher (didnt want to). The day after I sent the file, they sent the contract. Yay!! wait.. someone advised me to wait for my 1st check before signing. I waited, then I called .... I didnt sign.. lets leave it at that. Back to stage one, my new years resolution for 2010 was to get this book published by hook or by crook. I decided to look into self publishing/print on demand. I researched and found Create Space, they had lots of positive reviews and were owned by Amazon, what better rep can you ask for? I layed it out myself, sought an editor and a cover designer. I know by acquaintance lots of artists but I didnt know who to ask. Then one day on facebook a very good friend of mine from university posted some of her stuff and I said bingo!
The cover is more than I expected I'm in love, Felicia Mings, you are amazing :)
And that's the story of 'Through the Window' all the reviews so far have been far beyond my hopes. It is always nerve racking to expose your 'baby' to others. I feel so good right now. I'm happy and couldn't be prouder of 'Through the Window'
I hope you also enjoy!! Feel free to leave a review on facebook or here when you do read.
Its now available at Best of Books, Antigua and amazon.com. Check out my launch Nov 4th, 7pm,Best of Books, Royal Palm Place. Come and get your signed copy.

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