Thursday, November 11, 2010

Press on

Press on, press on young soldier for this battle is far from over.
Press on, press on I know your feet are weary, your battles wounds call for comfort, press on.
You have seen the terror of thieves pillaging in the night, but press on. You fought to take your treasure back only to have it stolen again. Press on...
You have run from the valley of the shadow of death only to fall down a precipice of despair. Climb out, scratches and bruises join your other battle scars, but press on.
The dust storms of a barren desert have clouded your vision, press on young soldier press on.
Your tongue longs for some of heaven's tears, do not fall young solider though your bones crack and ache and your stomach heaves. Press on...
You do not know where to go, no compass to guide your way, no companions to relay your tale.You are alone now young soldier all others have deserted you. Cowards in soldier's clothing pretending to wear courage on their breastplate. Their only badges are deceit and selfishness.
But do not let the darkness of night frighten you, press on. Although dark shadows loom over your camp, and strong winds extinguish your fire, press on. Young soldier you must press on. Who will carry on if you die? Who will fight when you fall. No one young soldier but you. Bind your feet and keep walking, bandage your wounds and forward on. Drink in the hope that heaven's glory will whitened out your saddest thoughts. One day young soldier when you have found your journey's end, your medal of honour awaits from those who needed you to fight. Fight for those you cant see, and vanquish those who block your path.
Please young soldier press on you must not abandon me, you are my last hope.

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  1. but me tink de gal min say she nuh into de poetry ting???? Very poetic and inspiring ... I;m pressing on sis