Friday, November 26, 2010

Wake up Alice

I looked at the clock, 11:37.  I looked again in what I could bank on was a minute later, 11:45. Where did that time go? Felt like i missed time, minutes of the day, just vanished, all while I was so consumed in my thoughts. It felt like some days this year when I only blinked between sleeping and waking...dont fade away again.....its time to wake up Alice!

Im quite enchanted by the story of Alice in Wonderland. Its more than a story to me. It's really about a girl who follows her innocent curiosity into an unknown place. A place of amusement, fun, craze and of course danger. After awhile all she really wants to do is leave, because it just becomes overwhelming, she just wants to find her way back out. But of course her journey back isnt simple and not without experiences that almost kill her..... I suppose many things in life can be called Wonderland, anything that we fall into because of our curiosity. You just need to find your way out, sometimes you just need to wake up! 

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  1. I tell you nuh, my favourite part of Through the Window is that Alice in Wonderful allusion/analogy .. brilliant