Monday, December 6, 2010

love and other stuff

I was going through my postings and thought my myself 'my gosh do I talk about anything other than love/hurt?' For a minute I considered changing the name of the blog to love and stuff!
But I suppose love is a universal emotion, the one thing everyone desires to have even if only for a fleeting moment.
And I suppose that is it my strength and my weakness. For I love hard, but have also been a fool for love.
Ya so this blog is full of love and other stuff cuz I guess to really dance on the moon one cant be afraid of love or to love. And love is the prettiest and scariest emotion, think about it when you are in love its beautiful but to get there you have to unlock the chains around your heart and everyone is afraid to unlock the gates of their heart.
So yes this is love and other stuff that crosses my mind!!!

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