Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Smile angel

You smiled at me and you didnt even know me. Never saw me before and I'm pretty sure I had that face on. The face that makes people say 'smile nuh'. But you turned around and you smiled at me, and your face brightened my moment. You turned around and you smiled again and again. And when the time came you gave me a great big hug, and I didnt even know your name, never saw you before. But you were warm and friendly and simply sweet. I wanted to know your name, because the innocence of your soul has affected me and I wished nothing but the best in the world for such a sweet angel. I prayed silently that no one would ever harm you, because such innocence is often misused.
Lord I wished I had met you before and prayed for you sooner, to know that someone had tried to harm you and take away your angel wings, hurt me. Someone tried to remove the smile from your beaming face and the sweetness from your soul. Why and how could someone ever look at you and not see a child who's only knowledge is to trust everyone around, to love and to learn. Why you had to learn this lesson I dont know. All I pray is that you never loose your smile. * Smile angel smile*

Dedicated to a little girl I met with a beautiful smile

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