Monday, January 10, 2011


The other day it randomly crossed my mind how we hear all this push to fulfill our dreams, people write books on it, hold seminars to inspire the dreamers. I reflected on some of my dreams and realised how they had changed not because of fear or my own self but because of others. Now the sun shiney day optomist motivational speaker person will tell you that you shouldnt let people get in the way of your dreams...... right buddy! 
Think about it for a second now suppose your dream is to be a high level manager at some big corporation. Ok dream in focus, you work hard, harder than your peers, you go beyond the call of duty, do the usual sucking up etc, you're smart have all your degrees in check etc etc. What if for some reason there is someone in the higher ups that a) for some reason hates your guts. b) is screwing someone else who wants that position c) wont be leaving that position until they drop dead. Challenge right? Now unless you plan to do something illegal you either wait for karma to arrive or slowly come to the realisation that achieving your dream at this particular company may not be in the cards. Now you may leave and get to this level somewhere else. But what if this place meant something to you? Dream not achieved!
Now dont count me as a pessimist cuz hey something positive did happen just maybe not specifically the way you want it. What if some bad minded person had not wanted to see Oprah hosting a talk show? Im just saying....
I think we tend to run into life thinking this is what i want and this is how i want it and imma get it. That's good, dont get me wrong, but we must also say 'if its for me'. Because unfortunately every dream we have isnt for us or meant for us. Ah the part about life that's the hardest, knowing that you are not really in control. 'Sight beyond what I see, you know what's best for me.' Ya the Big Man upstairs is steering this ship, you say where you would like to go and then you stare at the horizon hoping its going where you want. If not, be not dismayed He's not taking you into danger :) 
Hence I dream and stare at the horizon. I would never stop dreaming, a person without dreams, well how do they live?  

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