Monday, January 24, 2011

The thing called love

I was just reading a friend's blog post on friendship and love and it sparked a thought not related to what imma say exactly but it sparked this line of thought. This is gonna seem kinda debatable and some of you probably arent gonna agree with me, but imma say it anyways. When people say they have 'fallen out of love' or ' i dont love you anymore' it's rubbish! Yes i said its garbage and a pile of bs, you can not loose real love, because love in its purest form is unconditional. Now some may say that unconditional love is only for those of the heavenly realm. I disagree, simply because its what you do with the love. God loves us unconditionally hence when we mess up He forgives us. Now for us humans you mess up and i may never talk to you again. But that doesnt mean that you dont love that person. And that 10 years later that person doesnt still have a piece of your heart. I didnt say you're gonna run off into the sunset together but you still love them. So if you say I no longer love this person then im sorry to say but i dont think you really did. Ya you said i love you felt butterflies yada yada, but maybe it wasnt, maybe its a common, yet tricky feelings between like and love.. highly infatuated? One says they 'fall in love' how can you 'fall out' of something you fell in? Can you fall out of a hole? Does that make sense?
You are thinking of your past relationships and saying oh but i did love him/her and now i dont. If you study and read about  the raw forms of love *see 1st corinthians 13* then its impossible to loose it, not so? It will always be there in your heart buried, it's whether you decide to act upon it or not that is another story, but it has to be there.
Now you may say oh but there's a difference between love and in love, yes but they cant be separate. Case in point you love someone but say you dont wanna be romantically involved anymore, cuz ur not 'in love' with them. So you are saying your feeling for them lessened? I loved you plenty now i love you a little bit?? Sounds contradictory when you put it like that right? Now hurt and other earthly factors will cause a person's desire to be around someone to falter, because love is not blind. And the reason you dont wanna be romantically involved at the core has nothing to do with love. The person may be proving to be somewhat of a bad choice or whatever, but it cant be because you love them less. Some may question well what about people who divorce after 25yrs claiming they have lost the spark, the love............. if they really loved each other its not gone, someone just messed up! Yes you can love someone and hurt them (humans do this), if you really love someone you must at some point feel remorse. Why, because at the baseline when u love someone hurting them consciously or unconsciously hurts you. If you dont, guess what! You didnt really love them!
No matter what if you really really really do love someone regardless of the choices you make, regardless of the mess they have created or the things they've done to you. You will always love them, always. Because that my friends is what love really is that attachment to someone's soul that is permanent.

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  1. There is an evolution to the concept of love. It grows and changes with age and maturity. But in the end that connection once forged can never totally disappear and sometimes that itself hurts.. nostalgic isn't it.