Saturday, January 1, 2011

Peace and Blessing for 2011

And 2010 is over!!!! YES!!!!!
I have never been so nervous for the clock to strike midnight. I was so anxious for the year to change. I guess I associated my not so always pleasant experiences with the number on the calendar. There's always been this imaginary wall in my head that you hop over when the year changes. I couldn't wait on 1 hand to just hop over and run away as fast as I can. On the other hand all the emotions and disappointments couldnt help but to clutch onto me for 1 more time. The words of Queen Sheba's poem-It will pass - kept replaying in head 'I cant promise you the pain will stop tomorrow, or you wont burst into tears when the clock strikes New Years.' Since i heard that poem earlier in the year  I dreaded the inching of the clock's hands on December 31st. But guess what I did it :D ' Because it will pass like it always does, as time promises it will'
Now down to the purpose of this post!
Happy New Year to all my readers and friends. I sincerely pray for God's richest blessing upon your lives. I dont think this year wouldnt have been possible without the people that God has placed in my life. You all know who are you and how thankful I am for you :)
This year I look forward to possibly a children's book, yep I have to put my butt in gear.
Being a part of another 'When a Woman Moans' production, lol that's as far as I've gone into planning the new year.
I just look forward to more laughter, great times, success, growth, love *ermmm* lol and lighter blog posts!
I read this earlier this year and it inspired me hope it brings some peace to you as well.
'Green pastures are before me of which I have not seen.
Blue skies will soon be over me where darkest clouds have been
My hope I can not measure, my path to life is free
My Saviour has my treasure and He will walk with me'

Peace and blessing for 2011
From the Moondancer!

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  1. I do love that picture of you.... Makes me smile every time I see it.