Saturday, May 21, 2011

The moment

Ok so call me a sap, but I've watched this movie about once or twice, did not make my list of top movies ever. Probably wouldnt watch it if it was on. But I came across this scene while I was randomly youtubing and tears came to my eyes. I totally felt like the lady in the white shirt, the way she stopped and was totally transfixed on Drew's monologue.
To be real despite the grittiness of real love, which is probably not portrayed in above romantic comedy,everyone, as hard as they want to appear doesn't mind these little moments. In fact we want them and cherish them in the recesses of our private mind. Yes it is pretty sappy to sit crying infront of the tv cuz Jack and Jill reunited and kissed in the rain. But heck if you were Jill in real life for that small moment in time, nothing else matters. It's like going on vacation, I'm talking resort everything's already paid for vacation. While you are there you dont care if your plants at home are wilting, that work is piling up on your desk, that you and your best friend had an argument. For that time its all the about the moment. Everyone wants a moment, the moment, when the world stops, sounds go silent, distractions go on pause and an alternate universe is created between you and this person. Doesnt matter what's gonna happen with yall 2 months later, doesnt matter that they were acting like an ass last week, doesnt matter that they didnt call when they said. This moment lives on its own, far away from real life. Happiness for if only a brief passing moment is always worth it

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