Saturday, April 30, 2011

Top 5 movie cries

Call me a punk if you want but I'm that sucker who cries when someone dies in a movie. Dont get me wrong I'm not a happy endings sap who sheds tears cuz the boy found the girl, now that's pathetic!
Anyways here are my top 5 movie cries...(no Titanic is not on this list!) Note well I've only watched these movies once, and this is only my top 5 ^.^!
Spoiler alert I give away the ends of these movies lol


The Green Mile
I watched this only because a guy friend of mine said he almost cried. A guy almost crying for a movie! No, no I had to see for myself! Just explain to me why the sweetest soul on the earth had to be wrongfully executed! Why!!! *sniff sniff*

4) City of Angels
WTH man! An angel leaves heaven gives up eternity to be with a human, talk about love and she dies!! First of all Nicholas Cage does a very good sad, pitiful face and then the dam song plays 'In the arms of an angel, fly away from here..' *tears*

3) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
This movie made me feel awful! To think of living life in reverse from an old person to a baby, aka seeing everyone die simply depressed me. The movie finished and I just sat and cried when i looked back I realised the movie was full of death basically! Every stage of his life someone died because everyone was getting older as he got younger geezzzz... *rivers of tears in the dark*

2) A Walk to Remember
Oh boy what can I say they fall in love she gets deathly ill and you know the rest! I cried for the last quarter of the movie, into the credits, im not done yet, and passed the Mandy Moore music video after the credits. Sad I know im not proud!

*drumroll*.............and the award goes to.......

1) The Notebook
Cheese and crackers this one took me down!! First of all in the history of me, no movie has made me contemplate stopping it! The old man gets sick and my mind had convinced me that he was gonna die and the old lady was gonna miraculously get her memory back and he'd be dead! I just couldnt deal with that outcome. I attempted to pressed stop as tears raced down my face. I digressed and continued in silence! Ah i was wrong thank goodness but that didnt stop me from having the nastiest movie cry ever! Just tears, upon tears, upon tears, head in the pillow boohooing! After this I opened my door did a quick peep to make sure my roomie wasnt roaming around the apartment. All I needed was for her to see me in my shameful state, "why darling what's wrong, who died?' How could I ever say the people on my computer screen! If you saw my eyes when I tiptoed into the bathroom! Blood red! Yeah im embarrassed! Keep that flick away from me!!!

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