Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sliding Doors

A couple of years ago I watched the movie Sliding Doors. I loved the concept of the movie, basically it showed the paralleled life of a woman based on what would have happened if she made 1 simple decision. They showed her life and what would have happened if she caught the subway and if she didnt. It was interesting to think of how someone's life could be so completely different by making one simple daily decision. I often look back on my life to find these simple decisions.
Ok follow this chain, I wanted to do IT at university out of the 4 schools I applied to only 2 responded, one in Niagara Falls, one in Toronto. I choose Toronto (clearly if I chose the other school this story would be different; these occurrences will be called a sliding door for shortening purposes). So I went to UTM and in my 2nd yr needed a 2nd major to accompany my first. I took a shining to psychology but I didnt have A level maths- i HATE math, and what it has to do with psych i aint know! So the advisor recommended writing, I unwillingly accepted *sliding door, I coulda done a specialist instead*.
In my 4th yr I really wanted to do the Making a Book course but I didnt feel like I was good enough to be accepted into the course, but with sweaty palms I went to the prof. *sliding door, no confidence, no first book* Hence my first book came to life, therefore why I went to the literary fest in 07, where I met one half of August Rush in a workshop. *sliding door I coulda not chose that workshop, or not sat next to her.* Sometime later she invited me to be backstage help at the Vagina Monologues *sliding door, i coulda said no* (side note she lied cuz when i got there i was handed a script!) but anyways...

If I didnt take this opportunity I wouldnt have been the adopted sister of an infamous radio personality, I wouldnt have met August Rush and been privy to all the great things they do, which in turn inspires me to keep, keeping on. I wouldnt be a lady of the square table, I wouldnt have met my fabulous liming partners, I wouldnt have met a certain St. lucian beauty who later exposed me to the movie crew, whose movie nights I cherish dearly. All this stems back from deciding to go to UTM instead of Brock University. Hold a second can you imagine how many lives would have been affected if those ladies choose other sliding doors that led to no monologues!!!!

Nothing is coincidence my friends everything is aligning something in your future that you haven't even thought about yet! There are tons of other sliding doors in my life. You should think about yours, its pretty cool!


  1. sliding door it is...cause had I gone to UTECH and not UCLV or had I gone to do medicine straight after A levels and not hang out first as a jobless bum and then later an employed bum...I would never have met my boo.....and consequently would not have met my beautiful courageous and crazy vagina sistersand their extensions...and I wouldn't have reunited with Persis here's to not walking smack into the sliding door...if i had to do it all over again I would make the same decisions all over you all!

  2. ps....also sticking to my original career choice instead of doing medicine ...