Saturday, July 23, 2011

Her tears never dried....

Feel like I had to say something, I was truly honoured to be introduced to this woman's music. I think I was in college, after  hearing 1 song I downloaded the whole album! This made me fall truly, madly deeply in love with her. And out of utter respect I bought the album, had to own it and give her support. She had the old school soul with this raspy voice that just made you wonder if she had been transported from 1975. Alas looking back I kinda realise how sad the whole album is, how sad the songs she chose to cover were, which probably reflected her tormented soul. Why so many amazingly talented artist loose this fight with their inner battles we will never know. I feel that maybe they carry a burden we don't understand. Whereas we can lie around for weeks in a rut, they gotta come on stage and bring you the joy that you have been waiting for, hence sacrificing their own. A part me was always hoping she'd kick the habit and return to music land. She's now that artist my kids will hear about that left this world too early, while her music lives on in history.
To Amy Winehouse, whose tears never dried on their own..................

My fav Winehouse song, surely got me through sometimes. This is the original demo where she poured her heart into it.

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