Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012

Happy New year to my readers and friends!
After reflecting on my post 365 days ago and the mindset i planned to have i would like to say, mission accomplished! Green Pastures-check, Blue skies-check, unmeasurable hope-check, check. I think 2011 turned out pretty well for me, and I feel like my faith in the things unseen and hope in the things asked for is what brought me through. And that led to my pretty awesome year.
Dear 2012, there doesn't seem to be a lot of optimism about you. But i don't rest my hope on predictions and statistics. Life is what you make it and i intend to make it awesome. My mantra for this year is to 'Let it Be' i focus too much on trying to figure things out. I try to control things that are completely out of my hands and i try to push for things that are not ready to I'm going to Let it be!
No resolutions really in terms of getting things done things come up, opportunities present themselves and I just need to take them and ride it out.

Once again
Peace & Blessings from the Moondancer
Happy New Year :)


  1. That's right girl! Let it be...same mantra I have.

  2. I definitely feel u on this. Just let it be...