Monday, January 30, 2012

The Valentine's Grinch

Many have been questioning where my stance lies on the upcoming commercialized day in February. Like the Grinch who decided to hate Christmas, last year I decided to join his team of holiday sue me. Let's get one thing straight, some little Who girl with a funny nose did not sing my little heart unfrozen. What is this day of hearts? Lets examine shall we?

The history of Valentine's Day
Soooo basically nobody is really sure how this whole shebang started! It is alleged, thought, rumored that it had to do with a man named Saint Valentine. He may or may not have protested by marrying couples  against a new law requiring young men to be soldiers and not marry. Or he was possibly jailed for helping tortured Christians and feel in love with the jailer's daughter who he wooed with letters. Therefore Valentine's Day is thought to commemorate his death, they think.
There are some other stories tossed around involving Romans, Pagan festivals, birds mating, fertility, in point for the opposition nobody knows where this thing came from!
Somewhere along the way the added cupid, roses, lingerie, cards, teddy bears, candlelight and a high dose of sap!

The Modern Valentine's Day 
So upon this day couples are meant to purchase something red, fluffy, sweet, expensive etc. Strangely enough it says 85% of all valentines are bought by only 15% is by men........word!

Ok but what does the day mean?........
It means that retailers needed some way to boost sales after Christmas. Nobody has money after Christmas has dented your pockets. That sounds about right, I'm sure some old shop keeper in 1855 came across the assorted stories of St Valentine and decided to start peddling cards and flowers.

But seriously what does the day mean?...
Apparently it means that you have right to tell your other half to be romantic....OMG you got me flowers!!!!

And now I'm going to find the most vomit worthy status to place on FB about my over bubbling love, accompanied by the most commercial love songs I can find in a youtube search for love songs! Oh don't forget the couple's pictures *falls on floor from choking on disgust*

Remember that part of the Grinch movie where he actually enjoyed the little Christmas festival? Ok here's my turn.
Everything is on special, hey why pass up on the sale!
Dinner discounts, hey if the meals are cheaper eat up people, discounts are hard to come by nowadays!
If you are in love, then spending time with your special one while bathed in red lights and sexy music aint gonna hamper your relationship. Get your groove on aint nothing wrong with a little date.

I think I'm finished with pros teacher.......*puts down hand*

Closing Argument 
In closing your honor, romance should never be cornered into one day. If you only look forward to Valentine's Day to receive attention and gifts then please put down the rose and rethink life. It would be nice to randomly receive a bouquet on a day outside your birthday, anniversary or Valentines. Chocolates are sold year round buy me one on August 8th cuz you heard me say that I'm craving something sweet. I'm just saying here that if you are using Valentine's as a check list item in your requirements to pass for the year then you failed. Valentine's Day should be the garnish you add to a well decorated dish to give it extra flare. Will I do something on said day? Well your honor if a good event/activity comes up with a once a year price, I will consider it based on the fact that I cant pass up a good deal, the company doesn't hurt either. If i don't then.........meh who cares I get chocolates on August 8th. *shameless plug*


  1. I'm not big on Valentines day.If my husband bought me something special on some random day, I would probably appreciate it more than if is was bought on the day that it was 'expected'.

  2. lol.....what choice do i just so happens to also be the mister's birthday