Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Picture Memories

I have been reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown which is absolutely phenomenal! I cant even begin to start listing all my ah ha moments. Needless to say I'm putting alot of things into practice. The other day made me realise that I really am learning new stuff, like making picture memories. Brene spoke about a day with her 6 year old daughter, paddle boating out on a lake. She said her daughter went quiet and when she looked back her little one had her face turned sunwards with her eyes closed. After a few moments she asked her daughter if she was ok. The little one replied "I am making a picture memory, so when I am sad I can remember this moment and be happy."

Yep a 6 year old said this! A 6 year old understands the importance of tranquil happy moments. A child who hasn't learned long division yet, knows how to build an army against unhappiness. Two days ago I was a little upset and I conjured up a picture memory, without realising what I was doing. It was the  memory of being on a cruise and hearing 'Hey, come look, dolphins!" And there right outside my cabin window was a pod of dolphins happily romping in the surf, by the way dolphins are my all time favourite animals! I was on cloud 12!  For the next 3 minutes I watched them with a permanent smile on my face until the ship out ran them. Dolphins playing in the waves, framed by the setting sun, free and content, just wow! I couldnt risk missing a moment by reaching for my camera, so it's all in my head and it's one of the those things I refuse to forget.

Think of your favourite picture memories and hold onto it. In this crazy world we live in you need everyone you can get. From laughing until tears roll out to holding a cuddly baby, take a mental picture and store it for that time when you need a little pick me up! Being in a bad mood is so over rated!

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