Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear Disney

Dear Disney
I had the privilege of spending a few hours with some of your classics the other day. Alot of warm, fuzzy feelings came back to me as fond memories of my childhood infront of the tv resurfaced. 
But I have a few issues to bring up. Issues regarding the way you sort of us brainwashed us children with your princess, once upon a time, oh look the prince, happy endings stories. Now im not knocking kids stories, in no way should kids be depressed by the worries of life, but cant you be in the least bit realistic? Shall we examine some examples now? Yes, lets do that..
Sleeping Beauty - according to the disney version she was hidden away in the woods with the 3 fairy ladies until after her 16th bday. Now  before she randomly meets the prince in the woods. She tells the animals how she wants to meet a guy, how the fairy ladies never let her do that......hold up a second..if she was in isolation from birth how in the world does she know about boys???
The big tune for the movie was 'someday my prince will come'... yes, yes be hopeful that your prince will come someday even if you a 16 yr old hermit girl hidden in the woods. So at 16/17 Aurora found her prince and got married...What did we little girls learn? that 1st puppy love sweetheart is the one! not likely>
Cinderella- Cinderella. Cinderella. Cinderella. the biggest farce of them all!! Now i get the whole deeper meaning thing that ppl try to equate to this story. But honestly little girls dont think that hard. Girl goes to the ball falls 'in love' with a guy she dances with for like what an hour! They hardly spoke so he didnt fall in love with her stellar personality, but alas they had that 'love at first sight' thing. She bolts and he searches the whole kingdom for the girl with the 7.34 size foot (apparently that shoe only fits her) ya ya its magical, stop bursting little girl's bubbles blah blah..... On a side note Ever After is one of the fav movies solely because it is the most realistic version of the story. They met,have a relationship hence really fall in love as opposed to the wham bam thank you mam version of the story... like really!
Snow White- umm did she even know this dude before she fell into the poison induced coma? Boom pow he kisses her breaks the spell and alll is well they get married in the end right? Of course instantly!

And what did we learn young ladies? A prince always comes to save us at the end of the day.....right.... exactly!

But imma be fair and give Disney some props Ariel went after Eric, Pocahantas refused a 1 way trip to England and Mulan wanted honor before romance..... ah maybe the world is balanced! Cmon now i cant always be serious :)


  1. And Princess Tiana wasnt impressed until he learned to cook and clean :-D ... and don't forget Bell.. she was not about to be the coveted stereotypical wife of Gaston... she went after intellect instead of looks.. or rather.. she made the Beast change his ways to suit her ... :-D

  2. sorry to step out of Disney just a little but Shrek's "love you for you" story is absolute balance...side note I had a good laugh at "that 1st puppy love sweetheart is the one! not likely"; God knows I learnt that the hard way, but was definitely one of the most valuable lessons of my life's journey.